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  • This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


ELFBAR | Lost Mary OS 5000

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  • Blueberry Ice 
  • Cranberry Soda  
  • Watermelon 
  • Strawberry Pina Colada
  • Grape
  • Kiwi Passion Fruit guava 
  • Pineapple Mango 
  • Strawberry Sundae 
  • Strawberry Mango
  • Juicy Peach 
  • Blue Cotton Candy
  • Strawberry Ice  


  • 5% Nicotine
  • 5000 Puffs
  • 13ml e-liquid
  • 650mAh Battery
  • 79mm x 41mm x 19mm
  • Charging Port: Type-C



  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Synthetic Nicotine
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors



Blueberry Ice

Fruity experience that can rock your world with bold, intense flavor and powerful, cooling menthol! The new Lost Mary OS5000 Blueberry Ice! Incredibly tantalizing, it titillates the palate with fresh berries, bright citrus, and the perfect amount of iciness to leave you simply feeling downright exhilarated. As you take the first puff - a rush of blissfully succulent blueberries emerges, satisfying those cravings while making you feel deeply soothed. Finally, a frosty sensation blasts its way through, cooling you down right up until the very next draw.


Cranberry Soda

If sweet and sour fruit flavors dazzle your taste buds, Cranberry Soda vape by Elf Bar Lost Mary OS5000 is a flavor that you absolutely must try. The nostalgic fruity flavor of  Cranberry Soda will satisfy and awaken your taste buds on impact and quench your thirst just like a glass of freshly-squeezed juice on a warm day. A smooth all-day vape awaits you when you are vaping  Cranberry Soda. When you first inhale Cranberry Soda by Lost Mary OS5000, your tongue will wake up instantly thanks to the sour zing of fresh cranberries. As the flavor develops on the palate, the sweeter notes of the cranberries will start to emerge. On the exhale, the soothing taste of crisp apples will balance out the tartness. 



Once you inhale Lost Mary OS5000 Watermelon flavor - natural watermelon will bring you absolute joy, as the sugar crawls over to the sweet tooth. On the exhale, shockwaves of pleasure will reverberate throughout your tongue, making the next upcoming draw even more tempting to take.

Strawberry Pina Colada

Lost Mary OS5000 by ElfBar is delivering outstanding smoothie flavors, and it gets it right every time. With every, inhale of Strawberry Pina Colada vape, the taste of freshly-picked strawberries will wake up your palate with sugary, and mildly tart notes. Then, on the exhale,  a touch of pineapple gently flows across the tongue, teasing each taste bud along the way. After that, creamy coconut trickles down the throat, bringing more paradise to the moment. When exhaling, the milkiness and vanilla creaminess both round it all out flawlessly.



On that initial inhale experience an awesome burst of grape goodness that really saturates your taste buds.

Lost Mary OS5000 by ElfBar combines the taste of juicy, fresh grapes with an indulgent sugary note. The result is a vaping experience that will please your sweet tooth while quenching your thirst like nothing else. Each inhales of Grapey flavor will quiet your cravings just like the real thing.


Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

This tropical escape your thing? Now, what if there is a way to take three island-type fruits and infuse them into little pods of tropical heaven? Well, here is your chance to experience this, simply by taking a few puffs of Kiwi  Passion Fruit Guava by Lost Mary OS5000.

Every inhale soaks the tongue with tart kiwi. Immediately, seductive passion fruits get to work making every taste bud salivate. This beloved fruitiness offers sweetness, tang, and tartness all at once, keeping your palate in a state of ecstasy as well as intrigue.

The exhale provides just the right amount of succulent glory to make the sweet tooth feel euphoric. On that initial inhale, you get to experience the exotic nature of succulent guavas picked from the largest tree from the islands. As its juiciness soaks every taste bud, your mouth starts watering like crazy. This tropical combination is made in heaven by Elf Bar!


Pineapple Mango

Each pull delivers some lusciously bright and succulent pineapples that’s smooth, refreshing, and invigorating. Its natural sweetness builds on the palate before a brisk blast cools things down. As the vapor slowly escapes from your lips seductive creaminess lingers, leaving you feeling downright euphoric from head-to-toe. This Lost Mary OS5000 by ElfBar is absolutely delicious! Just then, those refreshing notes from juicy mangoes start to thrill your taste buds even further. When it’s time to exhale, a perfect amount of sweetness seduces all your senses.


Strawberry Sundae

You’re about to taste mouthwatering juicy strawberries - sweet and delicious fruit flavor that will spring the taste buds to pure joy. Strawberry Sundae by Lost Mary OS5000 is a rich strawberry sundae flavor that’ll make your mouth water. Each inhales and exhale of Strawberry Sundae E-Juice is like a little puff of sweet dessert heaven. As the name suggests, it nails the unique flavor nuances that make a macaron so irresistible. On the inhale, your taste buds will instantly delight in the rich strawberry flavor that is drenched in luxuriously silky cream.


Strawberry Mango

This is absolutely brilliant flavor combination! Strawberry Mango by Lost Mery OS5000 is a disposable vape that brings you this unbelievable combination! There are few fruits that are more succulent than juicy, ripe mangoes freshly picked from the most beautiful islands in paradise. And can you imagine, once you add those juicy strawberries? Pure magic created by Lost Mary OS5000! 

Once you inhale, find those bright and sharp notes buzzing on the tongue, making each taste bud salivate beyond your wildest dreams. The rich golden nectar soaks into the entire palate, leaving it drenched in exotic juices as the thirst is adequately quenched. The exhale treats you to that naturally sugary strawberry taste that takes this fruit to a whole new level so that you can feel satiated in every way possible once that cloud escapes your mouth.


Juicy Peach

The vaping experience with this Lost Mary OS5000 starts off with a nice burst of brightness that has the perfect level of tang to activate those salivary glands. The intense juiciness soaks every taste bud in nectar, leaving your tongue positively dripping. Then, at last, the bold sweetness comes to life on the palate, giving your sweet tooth exactly what it yearns for.


Blue Cotton Candy

Blue Cotton Candy by Lost Mary OS5000 Ultra is a deliciously sweet, creamy, and light flavor that will put a smile on your face.

Every inhale hits the palate with intense sweetness right off the bat. That familiar cotton candy taste starts to swirl around the tongue. As you exhale, the caramelized taste comes through, making you feel like you’re at the carnival.


Strawberry Ice

Lost Mary OS5000 came up with this sensation that offers up some sweetness and a slight bit of tanginess to go along with the fruitiness. This flavor Strawberry Ice can be enjoyed anytime those cravings start to emerge. Each and every inhale soaks your tongue in tangy strawberries. As you begin to salivate, succulent notes start to make their way to your palate. Every exhale will create a fresh vapetastic taste unlike any other. 

On that initial inhale, strawberries bring out some of that natural sweetness. That level gets taken up a notch once the natural sweetness starts to kick in. Begin to then exhale clean iciness for a sorta brisk sensation.


Blue Razz Ice

Lost Mary OS5000 by ElfBar takes outrageously plump and ripe blue raspberries and turns them into a sweet n’ creamy treat. If that wasn’t enough, a blast of pure menthol gives each draw a remarkably frosty-like twist. As a result, be able to finally experience a layered flavorful profile that makes you feel like you’ve taken your palate on a wild ride.

Every inhale offers up some intense tartness that turns your tongue inside-out, leaving a salivating sensation within seconds of that vapor grazing your cheeks. Enjoy this delicious ElfBar flavor!