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  • WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

  • This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


ELFBAR | BC 5000

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The ELFBAR BC 5000 is the perfect device for anyone looking for a powerful and enjoyable vaping experience. With its sleek and ergonomic design, the ELFBAR BC 5000 makes for a comfortable and enjoyable form factor. The device has a capacity of 13mL and a powerful 650mAh battery, providing plenty of power for an enjoyable vaping experience. The device also has draw activation, so all you have to do is take a puff to activate the device. The ELFBAR BC 5000 also provides a huge variety of flavors, ranging from fruity to sweet and even a few tobacco flavors. With over 30 flavors to choose from, youre sure to find something that youll love. From the sweet and sugary Strawberry Mango to the subtle and refreshing Lemon Mint, the ELFBAR BC 5000 provides a flavor for everyone. All of the flavors are made with natural and artificial flavors, as well as Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. The combination of these ingredients creates a smooth and satisfying vape with every puff. The ELFBAR BC 5000 truly provides an enjoyable and flavorful vaping experience. With its powerful battery and draw activation, the ELFBAR BC 5000 makes for a convenient and comfortable vaping experience.

ELFBAR BC5000 | Rechargeable Disposable Vape Device 5000 Puffs 

Elf Bar has created a hit with this device and they know it. This is a disposable vape device that is currently the go-to for most avid vape enthusiasts as well as social media influencers as well. Elf Bar BC5000 Provides


  • Puffs: 5000
  • Nicotine Strength: 50mg (5%)
  • Capacity: 13mL
  • Battery: 650mAh
  • Heating Element: Dual-Mesh Coils
  • Charging Port: USB Type-C
  • Operation: Draw Activation


  • Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
  • Sweet Menthol
  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Mango Peach
  • Sour Candy
  • Mint Tobacco
  • Cuba Cigar
  • Fuji Ice
  • Rainbow Candy
  • Mandarin Lime
  • Sakura Grape
  • Triple Berry Ice
  • Sour Apple
  • Strawberry Banana
  • Tropical Rainbow Blast
  • Red Mojito 



  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Synthetic Nicotine
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors



Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Is tropical escape your thing? Now, what if there is a way to take three island-type fruits and infuse them into little pods of tropical heaven? Well, here is your chance to experience this, simply by taking a few puffs of Kiwi  Passion Fruit Guava by Elf Bar BC5000.

Every inhale soaks the tongue with tart kiwi. Immediately, seductive passion fruits get to work making every taste bud salivate. This beloved fruitiness offers sweetness, tang, and tartness all at once, keeping your palate in a state of ecstasy as well as intrigue.

The exhale provides just the right amount of succulent glory to make the sweet tooth feel euphoric. On that initial inhale, you get to experience the exotic nature of succulent guavas picked from the largest tree from the islands. As its juiciness soaks every taste bud, your mouth starts watering like crazy. This tropical combination is made in heaven by Elf Bar!


Sweet Menthol

Get ready to enjoy in ELFBAR BC5000 Sweet Menthol refreshing flavor! The inhale will seem like you are chewing on fresh mint leaves that are simply invigorating. While enough vapor linger on the tongue, the minty aroma will arouse all five senses. Next, purely intense menthol reaches every taste bud enhanced by pure sweetness. Finally, all that remains once you exhale is a tingling sensation thanks to its chilly goodness.

Absolutely delicious!


Strawberry Watermelon

If you would like to enjoy some pleasant summer sessions in a sweeter and more nostalgic vaped manner, Elf Bar BC5000 has you covered! Strawberry Watermelon by Elf Bar flavor - a rush of ripely fresh strawberries splash their natural succulent juices all over you tongue, causing it to tingle. Next, juicy watermelons give each taste bud an added dose of juiciness that will have your mouth watering with total ease. As both notes start to really intensify, pure sugariness breaks through in the most pleasant way.


Mango Peach

Mango Peach by Elf Bar BC5000 will deliver more than 5000 delicious puffs. Inhale those fruity tangy notes will make your palate jump up and down with joy, as the tropical goodness makes you feel like you’ve been sunbathing in paradise. Then, natural sweetness kicks in, as the sugar crawls over to the sweet tooth. On the exhale, shockwaves of pleasure will reverberate throughout your tongue, making the next upcoming draw even more tempting to take.



Sour Candy

For anyone who craved those packs of long and chewy blueberry-flavored licorice candies that brought some major delight, get ready for this delicious treat in a vape form with Elf Bar BC5000 Sour Candy.

Every inhale soaks your tongue in artificially tangy blueberries. Once you begin salivating, sweet n’ sour notes begin to make their way to your palate. The exhale combines the two that will put a smile on your face, right up until the very next pull.


Mint Tobacco

Mint Tobacco by Elf Bar BC5000 takes sun-cured tobacco leaves and blends them with purely and cool mint flavor. This results in a vaping experience that chills the tongue while satisfying all five senses with total ease. When inhaling, instantly you get that tongue-tingling sensation that makes you feel exhilarated. Then, a bold, earthy taste rushes across the palate with its delectable richness. On the exhale, a hint of menthol emerges, allowing you to finally feel profoundly pleased.


Cuba Cigar

Cuba Cigar by ElfBar BC5000  is a truly a nice and realistic take on that bold, smoky sensation of Cuban cigar which satisfies unlike any other out there. It’s stunningly nuanced and complex, ensuring each pull makes the mouth instantly water while making you forget about those analogs altogether.

 Inhale some earthy flavors, just like real, sun-cured tobacco. Exhale a bit of sweetness which rounds out this remarkable profile flawlessly.


Fuji Ice

The island of Fuji brings many exotic fruits and even minerals that simply cannot be found anywhere else around the world. When it comes to apple flavors, you need to check out Fuji Ice by ElfBar BC5000. This is uniquely smooth, succulent, and refreshing apple sensation empowered with cool mint. It is perfect for those moments when those cravings really start to kick up.

With every inhale, the crispness of the apples titillates your palate. The juiciness of the apples soaks your taste buds as the flavor crawls down the tongue to refresh your thirst. With each exhale, you’ll enjoy the sublime sweetness of freshly picked Fuji reds as you savor this fruit’s profoundly refreshing vibes, and then the cool mint kicks in for pure refreshment.


Rainbow Candy 

ElfBar BC5000 created this delicious flavor, Rainbow Candy. An array of candied fruit flavors for a fantastic vaping experience. You'll taste notes of grape, citrus, and berry flavors in every puff. Taste delicious multi-colored candies that are just irresistible. Just imagine a rainbow landing in your mouth and the best candy fruity flavors you ever tasted landing on your taste buds.


Mandarin Lime

Elf Bar BC5000 created something tropical, delicious, and fresh to have you feeling even wilder, but this time, in the right vaping way. Mandarin Lime by Elf Bar is something very tangy straight to your tank.

 Inhale and exhale those mixed notes of freshly squeezed and sliced limes and mandarin as they make the mouth simply water while you feel more than blissed out during each session.


Sakura Grape

ElfBar BC 500 created this flavor combination of classic purple grape mixed with the essence of a cherry blossom tree for an exceptional flavor experience.

As you inhale Sakura Grape flavor, that delightful sakura grape will please your palate. Immediately on the exhale, lots of tangy grapes just rolling off your tongue.


Triple Berry Ice

Enjoy this fruity delight with a nice candy twist to it created by ElfBar BC5000. Triple Berry Ice combines everything your palate craves, ensuring a wicked good time for those taste buds whenever you take in a nice pull of vapor. Each puff soaks your tongue in succulent juices while treating the sweet tooth to awesome candies before hitting you with a generous amount of pure, chilly menthol. At first, the flavor lives up its name, punching you in the tongue with bright, sharp berries that makes your taste buds quiver, followed by the gloriously refreshing goodness of fresh menthol.


Sour Apple

Elf Bar BC5000 Sour Apple flavor brings you the experience of a mouthwatering hit of intoxicatingly tart green apple flavor.  You’ll find yourself drooling like crazy. Then, that glorious crispness from the fruit tickles your tongue and makes you feel rejuvenated.  The juiciness, meanwhile, soothes your thirst. When you exhale, profound sweetness dominates, making you feel as content as can be.


Strawberry Banana

With Strawberry Banana by ElfBar BC5000, they have taken a classic combination and given it a salt-based nic twist that makes it absolutely phenomenal in its ability to satisfy every each time you take a pull.

As the smooth nectar soaks into every nook and cranny of the tongue, velvety and creamy bananas emerge, balancing out the berry juiciness splendidly while offering a tropical taste. Then, upon exhaling, you’ll be treated to invigorating dragonfruit that enthralls the senses.

Tropical Rainbow Blast

ElfBar BC5000 Tropical Rainbow Blast is a combination of a mix of fruit flavors and refreshing menthol.


Red Mojito 

ElfBar BC5000 Red Mojito is a delicious Mojito flavor - spot-on and accurate with the perfect blend of flavors. The inhale is as smooth and gives you a refreshing taste of Mojito, on the exhale the menthol kiss in for pure refreshment.