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  • WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

  • This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


ELFBAR | BB 3500

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E-liquid Capacity: 10.5ml

Nicotine Strength: 50mg/ml

Battery Capacity: 650mAh

Puffs: 3500 puffs

Charging Port: Micro-USB



Vegetable Glycerin

Propylene Glycol

Synthetic Nicotine

Natural & Artificial Flavors


It’s your time to shine! ElfBar BB3500.

ELF BAR BB3500 Disposable Pod Device will deliver more than 3500 puffs. The ELF BAR BB3500 Disposable Pod Device has 650mAh rechargeable battery and 12 flavor choices.


Blue Razz Ice

Blue Razz Ice by Elf Bar BB3500 is an amazing new vape flavor!  Elf Bar takes juicy and delicious ripe blue raspberries and turns them into a sweet n’ creamy treat only for you! And not only that! Once you inhale all of that deliciousness, a blast of pure menthol gives each draw a remarkably frosty-like twist. As a result, you will be able to finally experience a layered flavorful profile that makes you feel like you’ve taken your palate on a wild ride. Oh! That gorgeous Elf Bar BB3500!

Every inhale offers up some intense tartness that turns your tongue inside out, leaving a salivating sensation within seconds of that vapor grazing your cheeks. Then, that berry’s freshness instantly soothes and refreshes, before becoming wildly sugary in a way that thrills your sweet tooth. The exhale invigorates with an icy breeze, chilling all five senses in a way that hits the spot, while the candy-like notes linger on the taste buds.


Blueberry Jam

Yes, it’s a blueberry, and yes, it is a jam!

How about that Elf Bar BB3500 Blueberry Jam flavor? It is so fruity n’ sweet, it’s just a remarkable taste. Pure satisfaction takes on a comforting snack that we all know and love. Savory toasted bread is smothered in creamy butter, along with sticky n’ sweet blueberry jam. Each draw will have you drooling with pleasure while providing you with the taste of mom’s kitchen.

You’ll notice a hint of tang from the blueberries right away on the inhale. The blueberry jam becomes increasingly sweeter as the savory bread taste starts to emerge. When you exhale, creamy melted buttery splendor trickles along the palate.


Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy by Elf Bar BB3500  is a  sweet exploration of our favorite flavors from back in the day. With every puff you’ll get a taste of blue raspberry cotton candy without any of the guilt, this is the perfect one to try, as it will also put a nice smile on your face.

Inhale just the right amount of slight tartness as it excites your taste buds. Then, that berry becomes delightfully succulent. On the exhale, the sensational wonders of sugary cotton candy make the palate go wild!


Cranberry Soda

Cranberry Soda by Elf Bar BB3500O - this sweet and tart sensation of cranberries is created for the ultimate fruity beverage – Cranberry Soda.  Every inhale douses the tongue in nothing but a fruit-filled splendor that instantly wakes up the senses. Next, those oh-so rich and tarty notes begin to make your mouth simply water as you slowly exhale, allowing the next draw to really, be even more satisfying for the palate.



Energy flavor created by Elf Bar BB3500 has a slightly sour taste almost comparable to the taste of tamarind or licorice and is carbonated and sweet. Tangy and citrus are two more words that come to mind when describing the flavor, and you will love it, just as you like that energy drink!



Grape by Elf Bar BB3500 drenches your tongue in nothing but oh-so sweet n’ tangy grape juiciness.

Every inhale brightens up your palate with the tangy notes of juicy, plump purple grapes. You’ll find yourself smiling as those little gems slowly refresh all five senses. When you exhale, pure sweetness teases your palate while also satisfying your vaping thirst.

Your thirst will be quenched as soon as you hit this fruity delight. This gorgeous grape sensation is not too over the top, as it has just the right amount of flavor that will keep your taste buds feeling electrified.


Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava by Elf Bar BB3500 is absolutely delicious!

Every inhale soaks the tongue with tart kiwi. Immediately, seductive passion fruits get to work making every taste bud salivate. This beloved fruitiness offers sweetness, tang, and tartness all at once, keeping your palate in a state of ecstasy as well as intrigue.

The exhale provides just the right amount of succulent glory to make the sweet tooth feel euphoric. On that initial inhale, you get to experience the exotic nature of succulent guavas picked from the largest tree from the islands. As its juiciness soaks every taste bud, your mouth starts watering like crazy.


Mango Peach

Elf Bar BB 3500 Mango Peach is a truly blissful tropic enjoyment! Mango Peach flavor instantly transports your mind to an island filled with delicious tropical fruit-filled splendor.

Juicy mangoes excite the tongue as natural sweetness washes over your palate. Next, refreshing guavas drench the tongue, leveling out the citrus perfectly. Finally, a taste of fresh peaches add another layer that really refreshes you right up until the very next draw. There is nothing like Elf Bar BB3500 Mango Peach flavor!


Pineapple Coconut

This flavor absolutely came from vaping paradise, and it will for sure put a smile on your face. Elf Bar BB3500 Pineapple Coconut is a drool-worthy blend of tropical pineapples and outstandingly smooth coconut cream. This flavor has something to offer to every taste bud. That fruity tang lifts your mood while a coconut creamy finish makes you salivate like never before.

Each inhale drenches your palate in the sweet n’ tangy taste of fresh pineapples. You will feel soothed and refreshed as pure juiciness drips down your throat. On the exhale, smooth milky goodness washes over the palate, drenching the taste buds with seriously yummy flavor.


Strawberry Sundae

Strawberry Sundae by Elf Bar BB3500 is a rich strawberry sundae flavor that’ll make your mouth water. Each inhale and exhale of Strawberry Sundae E-Juice is like a little puff of sweet dessert heaven. As the name suggests, it nails the unique flavor nuances that make a macaron so irresistible. On the inhale, your taste buds will instantly delight in rich strawberry flavor that is drenched in luxuriously silky cream.


Watermelon Bubble Gum

Watermelon Bubblegum by Elf Bar BB3500  is a classic E-Juice that gives us a sensation that we all adore, only without the guilt that comes along with indulging in that much sugar all at once, or blowing loud bubbles at the wrong time.  With each inhale, pure watermelon comes through instantly with intense brightness and juiciness, guaranteeing some serious salivation. Those crisp n’ cool watermelons wash over the palate. When you exhale, that familiar bubble gum splendor becomes dominant. Absolutely delicious!


Watermelon Ice

Watermelon Ice by Elf Bar BB3500 takes the freshest slices of juicy watermelons and blends them with cool menthol goodness to leave you feeling restored and invigorated.  

Those calming notes of melon rush into the mouth, squirting every taste bud with that glorious, godly nectar that gets the tongue tingling like crazy. Its smooth, crisp nature ensures you feel revitalized the entire time that vapor sits on the palate. The sweetness becomes more prominent as your thirst is quenched. Then, enough iciness kicks in just in time for the exhale to chill you out, allowing a state of bliss to wash away your woes, as they become a thing of the past.